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CAMI Cable Test Equipment

This kit comprises the M2U USB cable tester with 152 test points, the 813 expansion module for a further 128 test points, allowing up to 284 test points. Supplied with two connector board sets to give maximum flexibility CB15 with DB9 male and female (serial port and mouse), DB25 male and female (serial port, printer port), high-density DB15 male and female (video monitor), DVI-I (digital monitors), USB-A and USB-B (USB devices), Shielded RJ45 (ethernet), miniDIN4, miniDIN6, miniDIN8 (miscellaneous peripherals), RJ12 (6-position 6-conductor, used with modem and telephone). CB2 with dual-row shrouded latch headers for 60, 50, 40, 34, and 26 pins. The unit can "read" cables and provide graphic wiring printouts. Ideal for testing simple and complex cable harnesses
Open the link below for the easy to use Cami cable tester selection guide:
Entry level 128 point test unit. Cannot be expanded. Supplied with fitted CB15 board set, PC software, database of 200 standard cables, USB interface, power module, user guide and 12 month warranty.
The photo below shows cataloge Item 821U, the CableEye M3U Cable Tester System with the CB15 board set attached (Model M2U looks exactly the same but does not measure resistance). Model M3U use a USB interface to provide high speed scanning for intermittent connections. Choose from over 40 different standard CB boards to accommodate over 200 standard connector types. Use the CB8 board for prototyping and circular connectors, or the CB28 for bare wires. The M3U system requires only a 9x12" bench footprint and provides enough test points to handle cables of up to 76 conductors. For larger cables or wire harnesses, attach one or more 128-point expansion modules to attain the necessary capacity. If your cables will never exceed 64 conductors, the M2-Basic system (Item 810) offers similar capabilities without resistance measurement at a lower cost. Contact our sales team for further information or visit the Cami website for more details on test systems and accessories, product demo videos and more
The CableEye HVX (Item 829) and HVX-21 (Item 829A) systems each combine our M3U tester with a high voltage module to provide insulation resistance and dielectric breakdown testing, adjustable in 1V increments from 10V to the maximum voltage permitted. The HVX model tests up to 1500 Vdc/1000 Vac, while the HVX-21 model tests up to 2100 Vdc/1200 Vac. Ramp Up, Ramp Down, Dwell Time (same as Test Time), Trip Current, and Trip Delay (same as Soak Time) may be programmed for your specific requirements. The HVX series systems will operate as the M3U does now for low voltage testing, and then optionally perform a hipot test up to the voltage limit required. Many safety protections have been built into the system, including a fast-trip 1.5 mA current limit, manual high voltage enable function at startup, and login control by the system administrator to ensure that every User has been properly trained before their login name will enable the system for high voltage testing. Contact our sales team for further information or visit the Cami website for more details on test systems and accessories, product demo videos and more
Each board has positions for two DIN-standard VME connectors (0.1 x 0.1 inch centers). Both positions are left open for User installation of desired connectors. Footprint consists of three columns of 32 pins each with 0.1 inch (2.54mm) pin grid spacing, 0.032 inch (0.081mm) hole dia. Requires 192 test points to test 96-conductor cables one expansion module needed; see p.6. When mounting 64-pin connectors on this board (columns a and c), an expansion module is not necessary and any tester may be used. Set of two boards with expander cable.