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EOL and old products

Special offer for EOL products
We are offering special prices for end-of-life products or products we are no longer selling. The prices in this section are only valid for stock on hand. Please do check stock levels with our sales team.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7-inch tablet makes it a breeze to stay connected to the world without being weighed down. This handy tablet fits comfortably in one hand and slips easily in your purse or sling bag. With a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and Android 4.4 OS, downloading apps, playing games or streaming movies become quick and effortless.
Complete plug and play USB development kit for the GTop GMS-G6A miniature 33 channel GPS/Glonass module with integrated chip antenna Includes module, USB cable and GPS antenna
Product will be EOL (End of Life) from August 2017. Not for new designs. Small package size 16x16x6.2mm Ultra high sensitivity - 165dBm Utilizes new MediaTek GPS Chipset MT3339 with super fast Time-to-First-Fix (TTFF)
Feature: Main serial port for downloading, AT commands transmitting and data exchange SIM card interface LCD and I/O interface Audio interface Operating status LEDs Accessories provided Quad-band GSM antenna & transmit line Serial transmit cable 5V DC source adapter CD with sample application notes Note this kit excludes the module. For SIM900 order a SIM900TE plug in module as well
The SIM928 series with be EOL at the end of 2016 and is not recommended for new designs. Use SIM808 or SIM826 for new designs. The SIM928A-TE is the plug in version of the SIM928A Quad-Band GSM/GPRS module for use with the SIM928A-EVB-KIT development kit.
Development kit for SIM928A GSM/GPRS GPS combined module. Required SIM928A-TE module.
Only while stocks last The SMURF-A1 camera is a powerful WiFi IP camera which allows a registered user to view and control the camera remotely via a web browser. This allows the user to access the camera�s features via a PC, tablet or smartphone of their choosing. The device features a standard base which allows for both desk or ceiling mount. When mounted on the ceiling, the image can be inverted via software. The camera features motion detection, and can be set up to record to hard drive or to a cloud server, while alarms can be sent to specific users who have been defined in advance. The device is easy to deploy and set up onto either an existing WiFi or ethernet net-work, making the SMURF-A1 a perfect companion for the home or business security system.
The SIM900DS with be EOL at the end of 2016 and is not recommended for new designs. The SIM900Ds is a variation of the ultra compact reliable SIM900 module featuring Dual-SIM standby. This enables users to use two SIM cards simultaneously in the same device. Package size is the same as the SIM900 (24x24x3mm) A development kits and plug-in version SIM900DS-TE are available for product evlauation and development.
A plug in version of the SIM800H GSM module with Bluetooth for users who do not wish to have a multilayer PCB made up. Also use with the SIM800-EVB-Kit plug and play development kit. Picture shows SIM800H module. Kit must be ordered separately
Ready to use plug and play SIM20-433Mhz development kit complete Specify which model when ordering
SIM20-868CE and SIM20B
SIM20 is a high integrate half-duplex, multi-channel low power wireless communication module. It includes high speed MCU and perfect performance RF chip, so it has high receiving sensitivity, programmable transmitting power and data rate. SIM20 supports the multi-channel choice, transparent date transfer without complex user setting; it supports UART, IIC, SPI, GPIO interfaces. The leading features of the module make it ideal for industry applications such as automatic metering, wireless medical telemetry service (WMTS), home automation and process and building control.
On special to clear stock - Price only valid for current stock LTE/3G indoor ceiling antenna SWR <1.5 Gain 5dB Frequency 806~960/1710 -2500Mhz Fitted with 300mm RG58 cable and N type female. Can be used with our CLF195-N type extender cables and antenna splitter.