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Hirose Electric Co., Japan Waterproof in-line power connectors up to 14 Amps

DF63W waterproof series
The new DF63W series of IP67 waterproof in-line connectors is available with 2, 3 or 4 contacts and is rated up to 14 Amps (2 pin version).
Compact shape designed for wiring through narrow areas
The design is optimized for wiring inside conduits and
small structures, with a smooth, rounded contour that
reduces the chance of snagging or catching inside the
conduit or other objects.
A plastic housing covers the connector, so no metal is
exposed to the conduit, preventing accidental shorting.
IP67 water resistant when mated
Wire and housing seals are pre-installed to provide
water proofing. A simple insertion of the crimped
contact into the housing completes the assembly.
Contacts and housing are designed to prevent
damaging the seals when inserting the contacts.
A robust locking structure provides a tactile click when
mating to prevent incomplete mating and disconnection
during wiring.
Compatible with a wide variety of cables
Two versions are available with different waterproof
wire seal diameters. This variation helps to support the
use of a wide array of cable sizes.
Two housings are available each with different colours and
guide keys. This helps to prevent incorrect mating when
multiple connectors are used on the same design with the
same pin count.
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