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Hirose Electric Co., Japan Hirose DF60 40Amp series

DF60 series
The DF60 series features a High current capacity
Capable of going to a max of 45A when using 8 AWG with the single position connector.
Secure lock mechanism ensures complete mating
A secure lock mechanism with a clear tactile and audible click prevents insufficient mating.
Highly reliable 5-point contact structure
Three independent contact springs provide a secure contact with high contact reliability using
5-point of contact.
Moulded lance design. The lance is actually part of the housing instead of being part of the terminal.
This prevents tangled wires during assembly.
Mis-insertion prevention for headers
The addition of a moulded pin on the header allows temporary mounting retention and prevents
reverse mounting on the PCB.
(Right angle pin header has a metal fitting for this purpose)
Prevention of solder cracks. Glass-reinforced resin is used on pin header to
prevent solder cracks due to thermal contraction.
Design Prevents short-circuits between contacts
The wall structure between contacts isolates the contacts and prevents
short circuits from occurring.
Available with 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 contacts.
Price and availability on enquiry.
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