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Hirose DF33C 5Amp series

DF33C series
3.3 mm Pitch Small Size Connectors for Internal Power Source.
When used with 20 AWG wire, this connector has a maximum capacity of 5 Amps.
Outer locking mechanism prevents accidental unmating.
Two different housings, a standard and R type, are available
to ensure mis-mating does not occur when using multiple
DF33C connectors on the same design.
Guide posts are used to help with board placement and
prevent incorrect mating to the PCB.
The housing protects each contact by enclosing them in a “box”
which also makes each contact independent of each other.
This design prevents short circuits between adjacent contacts.
A retainer is available to increase contact/cable retention and
to assure complete contact insertion. The retainer should
also be used when any mechanical stress cold be applied to
the cable.
A clear tactile click is delivered upon the completion of the
mating process. This simplifies mating and increases work
efficiency, especially when operating in a noisy environment.
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