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Power Connectors

Shortform cataloge for Hirose High Power Connectors
Hirose Electric has developed a wide range of innovative products over a period of 79 years as a specialised connector supplier, and as a result, Hirose have dynamically contributed to customers’ new product developments. The need for internal and external connectivity in the high power market is rapidly growing and Hirose can offer a wide variety of products to meet expectations.
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Hirose waterproof power connectors
The EM12M series is a robust single contact snap locking cable plug and panel socket rated up to 90 Amps when using 22mm sq wire. The design safety features protect from accidental shock. Easy crimping and assembly are ideal for field installation. Colour red. Black available on request.
3.3 mm Pitch Small Size Connectors for Internal Power Source. When used with 20 AWG wire, this connector has a maximum capacity of 5 Amps. Outer locking mechanism prevents accidental unmating. Two different housings, a standard and R type, are available to ensure mis-mating does not occur when using multiple DF33C connectors on the same design. Guide posts are used to help with board placement and prevent incorrect mating to the PCB. The housing protects each contact by enclosing them in a “box” which also makes each contact independent of each other. This design prevents short circuits between adjacent contacts. A retainer is available to increase contact/cable retention and to assure complete contact insertion. The retainer should also be used when any mechanical stress cold be applied to the cable. A clear tactile click is delivered upon the completion of the mating process. This simplifies mating and increases work efficiency, especially when operating in a noisy environment. Price and delivery on enquiry
The EM12MR is a robust single contact panel receptacle to mate with the EM12MP locking cable plug rated up to 90 Amps when using 22mm sq wire. The design safety features protect from accidental shock. Easy crimping and assembly are ideal for field installation. Colour red. Black available on request
7.92mm Contact Pitch High-Current Connectors for Internal Power Supplies. Single position connector can carry current of 30A with 10 AWG conductor. Positive Locking Function with reliable interior lock protects mated connectors from accidental disconnection Three different polarizing options to prevent accidental mis-mating. Built-in posts assure correct connector placement and orientation on the board. Each Contact is completely surrounded by the housing wall electrically isolating it from adjacent contacts. In-line and wire to PCB versions available Price and delivery on enquiry
The new DF63W series of IP67 waterproof in-line connectors is available with 2, 3 or 4 contacts and is rated up to 14 Amps (2 pin version). Compact shape designed for wiring through narrow areas The design is optimized for wiring inside conduits and small structures, with a smooth, rounded contour that reduces the chance of snagging or catching inside the conduit or other objects. A plastic housing covers the connector, so no metal is exposed to the conduit, preventing accidental shorting. IP67 water resistant when mated Wire and housing seals are pre-installed to provide water proofing. A simple insertion of the crimped contact into the housing completes the assembly. Contacts and housing are designed to prevent damaging the seals when inserting the contacts. A robust locking structure provides a tactile click when mating to prevent incomplete mating and disconnection during wiring. Compatible with a wide variety of cables Two versions are available with different waterproof wire seal diameters. This variation helps to support the use of a wide array of cable sizes. Two housings are available each with different colours and guide keys. This helps to prevent incorrect mating when multiple connectors are used on the same design with the same pin count.
The DF60 series features a High current capacity Capable of going to a max of 45A when using 8 AWG with the single position connector. Secure lock mechanism ensures complete mating A secure lock mechanism with a clear tactile and audible click prevents insufficient mating. Highly reliable 5-point contact structure Three independent contact springs provide a secure contact with high contact reliability using 5-point of contact. Moulded lance design. The lance is actually part of the housing instead of being part of the terminal. This prevents tangled wires during assembly. Mis-insertion prevention for headers The addition of a moulded pin on the header allows temporary mounting retention and prevents reverse mounting on the PCB. (Right angle pin header has a metal fitting for this purpose) Prevention of solder cracks. Glass-reinforced resin is used on pin header to prevent solder cracks due to thermal contraction. Design Prevents short-circuits between contacts The wall structure between contacts isolates the contacts and prevents short circuits from occurring. Available with 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 contacts. Price and availability on enquiry.