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W-Link LTE WiFi Router with remote management for all networks

WLINK WL-R200LF router is the internet of thing mobile broadband router and a machine to machine (M2M) industrial cellular router, which can optional works on LTE 4G or 3G cellular network to provide reliable, secure and high speed wireless connectivity with VPN. It is a powerful and programmable industrial mobile router with high performance and hardened casing design for remote management, telemetry, condition monitoring, CCTV, ATMs, vending machine and other M2M applications.
WL-R200LF 4G router is an ideal wireless data transfer device for applications transferring large data load because of ultimately fast transfer speed in LTE network reaching up to 100M download and up to 50M upload. VPN features also can be configured in the WLINK router, allowing you to utilize virtual private network service through a 4G/3G wireless router and built for stresses and workload of a modern industrial or commercial environment.
A powerful free remote management platform allows full remote management of un unlimited number of deployed devices.

Its compact small size design, enable WL-R200 Router easy to be embedded into other equipment or system. With optional GPS capability, enable the router ideal for fleet tracking or access management.
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