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W-Link Low cost LTE Router with Remote Management and no wifi

WLINK WL-R100LF is a mobile broadband router and a machine to machine (M2M) industrial cellular router,
which works on all local LTE networks to provide reliable, secure high speed mobile connectivity with VPN support.
The R100 is a powerful programmable industrial mobile router with high performance, compact size and a rugged mechanical design,
allowing easy integration and is suitable to be use in a wide variety of applications.
WLINK WL-R100 features a single Ethernet LAN port and one serial port, VPN features also can be configured in
the router, allowing users to utilize a virtual private network service through a 4G/3G wireless router .
Setting up the WLINK cellular R100 router is quick and easy - simply insert your 4G SIM card into the SIM card
slot, connect the antennas and power up the equipment. In order to connect to the internet you simply need
to enter the correct APN settings in the web setting interface and the router will then connect and provide high
speed 4G mobile broadband internet.
R3995.00 excl. VAT