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W-Link 3G WiFi Router with remote management and Wi-Fi Hotspot for Bus, Taxi and all other applications

Wlink highperformance free Wi-Fi Bus/Taxi solution can be installed on the WL-R200H4W 3G router or the WL-R200LF LTE router.
This software is specifically designed for busses and taxi's, and provides passengers with a meaningful on board Wi-Fi hotspot service to check email, surf internet and local entertainment during their journey.
The solution is reliable, manageable, simple to install and scalable, and is built to offer the greatest internet access in busses at the lowest cost. The stable Wi-Fi service works like any fixed hotspot in hotel, coffee ship or airport.

Basic Features:
LTE 4G high speed mobile network, backward compatible with
HSPA+ 3G. MIMO technology for 4G system
WiFi Captive portal, It allows you to integrate advertising messages, picture or video, the advertising can p , g be updated from the management platform. Access to the Internet is only allowed after acceptance of the legal terms of use.
Proportional Bandwidth QoS manage bandwidth in a dynamic way and set a maximum bandwidth per user.
Set limits on the free Wi-]Fi session, those can be number and time limit. After that limit, the system can either cut off the internet service for that user for a preset time period.
R3475.00 excl. VAT