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The W-Link WL-M303 is a robust industrial 3G USB modem that provides SMS and dial up function in GSM, Edge and 3G networks. The modem has a wide operating temperature range and mounting provision making it ideal for most industrial applications. Configuration and control can also be done with AT commands. Supports USB2.0
The T5320E is a WCDMA/HSDPA terminal based on the advanced SIM5320E module which supports HSDPA up to 3.6Mbps for downlink data transfer. With a wide range of industrial interfaces, this reliable terminal is an ideal solution for most applications such as remote maintenance & control, environmental monitoring, transportation and security etc. T5320E supports LUA Script Language, which provides the possibility for customers to develop and run programs inside the modem itself and meet various customers’ needs. With standard serial RS-232 interface, customer can easily implement the data flow control, hardware or software flow control according to their own requirements.