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M2U full USB Cable harness tester with 128 point expansion module

This kit comprises the M2U USB cable tester with 152 test points, the 813 expansion module for a further 128 test points,
allowing up to 284 test points.
Supplied with two connector board sets to give maximum flexibility
CB15 with DB9 male and female (serial port and mouse), DB25 male and female (serial port, printer port), high-density DB15 male and female (video monitor), DVI-I (digital monitors), USB-A and USB-B (USB devices), Shielded RJ45 (ethernet), miniDIN4, miniDIN6, miniDIN8 (miscellaneous peripherals), RJ12 (6-position 6-conductor, used with modem and telephone).
CB2 with dual-row shrouded latch headers for 60, 50, 40, 34, and 26 pins.
The unit can "read" cables and provide graphic wiring printouts.
Ideal for testing simple and complex cable harnesses
R38750.00 excl. VAT