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Chang Hong LTE/GSM/3G omni antenna 9db with bracket and 5 meter cable

The OA-0921-02-01 is a 9dB high gain external wall or pole mount GSM/3G Omni-directional antenna with factory fitted 5 meter CLF200 low loss cable with SMA plug. Supplied with L type mounting bracket kit.
Suitable with use with Huawei adaptor cable SMA50HVV00B0300 or SMA60TS900B0120, or with any modem or router product with SMA female receptacle.
This will make a vast improvement to the 3G reception and improve and stabilise 3G connectivity for the E3131, whether used on its own or with the D105 Wifi adaptor or HG532S ADSL/3G modem
R745.00 excl. VAT

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