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GPS & GLONASS Antenna Module with Integrated Patch Antenna and External Antenna Connection

PA6E-CAM's PA6E-CAM is form factor and footprint compatible with its predecessor, the PA6E, but utilizes the new generation GNSS chipset, enabling access to both GPS and GLONASS satellites.

The PA6E-CAM is a revision of PA6E POT (Patch On Top) GPS Module with an extra embedded function for external antenna I/O with automatic antenna switching function and short circuit protection. Enabling access to both GPS and GLONASS increases the number of visible satellites, reduces the Time-To-First-Fix and increases positioning accuracy, especially for challenging urban environments.

- MediaTek MT3333 Chipset, 33 tracking/ 99 acquisition channels dual GPS/GLONASS receiver
- Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 6.2 mm, SMD
- Ultra-high sensitivity, -165dBm, TCXO design
- Firmware Customization Services
Low consumption:
- GPS+GLONASS consumption current (@3.3V)
- Acquisition for GPS+GLONASS: 34mA typical
- Tracking for GPS+GLONASS: 29mA typical
- RoHS compliant
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